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10 Quotes by Michael Saylor About His Bitcoin Strategy Taken From His CNBC Interview

Michael Saylor, the CEO of MicroStrategy, has spoken about the BTC investing strategy that his company follows. He has mentioned why investors would continue to buy MicroStrategy shares, and not Bitcoin, why the King of Crypto is a better inflation hedge compared to gold, and what’s the role that Ethereum has in the crypto world.

Here are 10 of his best quotes from a recent interview with CNBC:

  1. “Investors are seeing that bitcoin’s up 330%, and gold is up 7% in that period, so bitcoin is outperforming gold as an inflation hedge by a factor of 50.”
  2. “It’s digital gold on a big tech network.”
  3. “Bitcoin is the highest, most dominant, digital property network. Think of it as granite blocks in cyber-Manhattan. Then you’ve got digital currency – that’s like tether and stablecoins – they want to be money markets in cyberspace, and so they’ll be like the CBDC dollars. Then you’ve got digital applications like ethereum. Ethereum wants to dematerialize the JPMorgan building and the banking establishment and all of the exchanges.”
  4. “As the market starts to understand these things, there’s a place for everybody.”
  5. “Your ETF won’t be able to buy billions of dollars at low-interest rates and leverage up. So to the extent that the investors feel the management team knows how to manage leverage and manage the core business, then we should get a premium against an ETF.”
  6. “It’s actually an ideal situation because our stock was trading about $120 a share with $60 a share in cash. Our investors told us that cash was trash, it was a liability on our balance sheet. If we had given it all back, we would be trading at $60 a share.”
  7. “The core of the business is up 10%, the bitcoin business is driving shareholder returns.”
  8. “We put in place this billion-dollar at-the-market shelf registration so that we’d have a standing program to be able to go back to the capital markets to issue equity in the future – should the circumstances present themselves – and we would use that either to buy bitcoin, or to retire debt, or for general corporate purposes.”
  9. “You’re seeing Paul Tudor Jones and the other early bitcoin believers thinking, ‘Maybe it’s time for me to double or triple my allocation’. Between you and me, I’m surprised they’re not increasing their allocation by a factor of 10 because bitcoin’s 50 times better.”
  10. “The world is waking up to the fact that bitcoin is a digital property on an open monetary network. That’s pretty profound because it’s going to spread to billions of people on the planet.”
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