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1inch Has Been Integrated Into the Crypto Wallet App BitPay

One of the most important DEX aggregators and AMMs, 1inch Network, has been integrated into the crypto wallet app BitPay.

The aggregation functionality of 1inch’s DEX is now open for all users of the BitPay wallet. BitPay lets people manage, convert, and spend 12 cryptos thanks to integrations with ATMs, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Mastercard.

Now BitPay wallet users will have the chance to use the DEX aggregator directly. 1inch Network confirmed earlier this year that it wants to strengthen its liquidity pools for its users.

The network relies on an algorithm known as Pathfinder in order to search for more than 60 different liquidity sources on Ethereum, more than 30 on Binance Smart Chain, and more than 20 on Polygon and Optimistic Ethereum. Across the previous two years, it has surpassed $65 billion in total volume on the Ethereum network.

Source: CoinTelegraph.com

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