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A Crypto Whale Is Paying NFT Skeptics $10,000 to Try Ethereum

One of the most prolific crypto traders, Jordan Fish aka Cobie, is paying people who criticize Ethereum to start using it. He offered $10,000 to Twitter users who have positioned themselves against crypto.

On Saturday, he tweeted about the backlash that the NFT technology is experiencing currently, especially from gamers:

“The outrage from gamers over the inclusion of NFTs is an astronomical unwitting vote against self-interest. Why would a gamer not want to own their own in-game progress and achievements? It seems only beneficial for users to own those items personally, instead of the gaming company retaining ownership.”

NFTs used in games can offer players ownership of their in-game assets. Several corporations are looking into incorporating NFTs but the response from gamers and gaming companies has been mixed – for example, Steam banned crypto games and NFTs on its platform while Ubisoft confirmed in December 2021 that it continues to work on its plans to offer NFTs.

Plenty of people have interacted with Cobie’s Twitter thread regarding NFTs with many pointing out the environmental damage that Ethereum brings which could counteract any positive feature.

Cobie tweeted to one person:

“If you have an Ethereum address, I’ll send you $10,000 to say cheers,” to which the reply was: “I do not have nor do I plan on getting an Etherium wallet, but thank you. I’m gonna mute this thread now, have a good one.”

But another user was easier to convince. After they wrote “Why make it a 1/100 doesnt make it cool. Like we get it, you’re a crypto bro and you’ve never heard about CS:GO we get it. Now fuck off,” Cobie again offered $10,000 to make an Ethereum address and acquire an NFT. This person went ahead and received 0.27 ETH for the NFT and 2.66 NFT ($10,048) for keeping their promise of creating an Ethereum wallet.

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