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According to a New Study, Switzerland Has the World’s “Most Profitable Bitcoin Traders,” While France Is the “Best Bitcoin Trading Nation”

Switzerland presently has the most profitable bitcoin traders in the world, according to a recent research published by the online investing news and education portal Invezz. This is according to statistics from Chainalysis, Worldometers, and Triple A, which helped Invezz assign a score to each country based on the most profitable bitcoin trading.

Researchers from invezz.com conducted a study this week that uses statistics from several datasets to look at the most lucrative bitcoin traders by country. One dataset derived from Chainalysis, according to the study’s author Dan Ashmore, shows the top 25 countries in the world by realized bitcoin gains in 2020.

This served as the study’s backdrop, with data from Worldometers and Triple A also being used by the invezz.com research team. While the data shows that Switzerland now has the most successful bitcoin dealers in the world, France is the “best bitcoin trading nation.”

According to the Ashmore report: “[France] ranked 12th in the percentage of the country invested in crypto (3.3%), but an impressive third and eighth respectively in bitcoin gains per capita and bitcoin gains per investor, at $275 and $13 respectively. While a lot of other countries placed well in certain categories, France was the only country to be above average in all three metrics.”

Following France, the Czech Republic and Belgium are ranked second and third in terms of best bitcoin trading countries. Then there’s Canada, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Australia, the UK, the US, Spain, Japan, Ukraine, South Korea, and Italy, to name a few. Argentina, Vietnam, Poland, Russia, Thailand, Brazil, Turkey, and India were also among the important countries. Switzerland’s bitcoin traders ruled the roost in terms of BTC gains out of all the countries included.

“Switzerland has the most profitable traders at $1,268 of gains per investor, however with only 1.8% of the country invested in crypto, they get knocked down to a sixth-place finish. The Czech Republic is similar. Switzerland and Czech Republic ranking 23rd and 21st respectively, out of 24 countries, for the percentage of population invested in crypto (1.8% and 2.2%), [it] ultimately kills their chances.”

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