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Adobe Photoshop Will Have a Feature to Support NFT Verification on Marketplaces

Adobe confirmed that a new feature on Adobe Photoshop would let artists show proof they’re the ones who created artwork on NFT marketplaces.

The feature will bear the name Content Credentials and will be able to capture identity data when an image is edited on the software and save it as metadata. The future will be optional, and the company has created a website where the credential metadata of images can be checked.

People will have the opportunity of linking their Adobe accounts, and Content Credentials, with crypto wallets and social media profiles. In the case that they decide to sell their art as NFT, the marketplace will present a digital certificate based on the Adobe-verified credentials. These credentials are also to be linked on Adobe’s online portfolio site, Behance.

The company has begun a collaboration with several NFT marketplaces, like OpenSea, KnownOrigin, SuperRare, and Rarible, where artists can display their creations.

Scott Belsky, Adobe Chief Product Officer, declared that this feature comes as a result of consumer demand.

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