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Altair Network Has Won the 9th Parachain Auction on Kusama

Altair Network is confirmed to be the winner of the 9th parachain auction on Kusama. The network raised more than $61.7 million worth of KSM tokens from more than 11,200 contributors, so it took first place in the race to launch on Kusama.

Altair wants to create a bridge between the experimental version of the Polkadot blockchain and Centrifuge. It lets users tokenize real-world assets and finance them on the Kusama network before they go live on the Centrifuge Chain.

Basically, Altair is to Centrifuge what Kusama is to Polkadot – an experimental chain that was created using the same codebase that lets users test the bounds of asset financing.

All the 187,835 KSM tokens will remain locked as Altair keeps the slot – until August 5th, 2022.

Currently, the Altair reward pool has 79.8 million AIR tokens.

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