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Ark Invest Predicts ETH Will Hit $20-Trillion Market Cap by 2030

A newly published report by Ark Invest predicts that Ether will reach or surpass a $20-trillion market capitalization in the next ten years. This means ETH would have a value of $170,000 – $180,000 per coin.

Bitcoin is also expected to do well, with the report mentioning it is “likely to scale as nation-states adopt (it) as legal tender… the price of one bitcoin could exceed $1 million by 2030.”

The predictions regarding ETH are based on the fact that the Ethereum network has grown so much in a short amount of time both in utility and efficiency. A lot of the growth experienced across the previous two years comes from DeFi:

“Decentralized Finance promises more interoperability, transparency, and financial services while minimizing intermediary fees and counterparty risk.”

Ark also stated that smart contracts and decentralized apps on Ethereum are “usurping traditional financial functions at the margin,” mentioning that you can find on the Ethereum-based smart contracts banking, lending, brokerages, exchanges, derivates, and much more.

Ark also mentions DeFi being more efficient – according to the company’s estimates, DeFi managed to outperform traditional finance over the previous 12 months in terms of revenue per employee from $88 million to $8 million.

As for Bitcoin, the report predicts $1.36 million per Bitcoin with a market cap of $28.5 trillion by 2030. By that year, the company also predicts that Bitcoin will represent 50% of global remittances at 1.5x velocity, 10% of the currencies for emerging markets, 50% of gold’s total market cap, and much more.

Ark further declared that Bitcoin mining may “revolutionize energy production. Bitcoin mining will encourage and generate more electricity from renewable carbon-free sources.”

“The addition of Bitcoin mining into power developers’ toolboxes should increase the overall addressable market for renewable and intermittent power sources.”

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