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BAYC Floor Values and CryptoPunks in Direct Combat

The floor value of the Cryptopunks NFT collection briefly topped the floor value of the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFT collection on Sunday, August 21, 2022. Although it wasn’t by much, at the time, BAYC’s least costly NFT was 64.99 ether, whereas Cryptopunks’ floor was 66.45 ether.

According to statistics from cryptoslam.io, NFT sales are not doing so well this week as they are down 18.75% from the sale volume from the previous week. With $15,087,189 million in sales this week, BAYC leads all companies by a margin of 61.47% over the previous week.

With $4,517,133 in sales this week, Cryptopunks is the sixth-largest collection in terms of NFT sales, however, sales are down 52.38% from the previous week. Despite the week’s reduced sales volume, Cryptopunks briefly succeeded in flipping BAYC in terms of floor value.

The floor value of Cryptopunks on August 21 was 66.45 ETH, or $107,866. At that point, BAYC’s floor value was 64.99 ETH, or $105,623. Most of the day has been spent in head-to-head competition, and in the late afternoon, BAYC was able to retake the top floor.

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