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Binance and FC Barcelona May Work Together

Binance is known for working with several big names in sports, and it seems that Spanish giants FC Barcelona could become the newest name on that list.

Rumors have it that Barcelona is looking at Binance for a sponsorship worth 70 million euros ($80 million).

Adrian Sanchez, a Spanish journalist, tweeted:

“Binance and another important “cryptocurrency” company are the main candidates for a new main sponsor. The club expects to receive around 70 million in a 4/5 year contract.”

Binance already has experience in this field as it began working with SS Lazio in October 2021.

Crypto, in general, has become pretty popular in sports, especially football, with Cádiz having the Floki Inu logo on the jersey sleeve for this season.

The deal for Crypto.com to rename the Staples Center the “Crypto.com Arena” is one of the most famous instances of the world of crypto taking over.

A survey by Morning Consuls shows that fans of sports are twice as likely as non-sports fans to describe themselves as being acquainted with crypto. Furthermore, 24% of people who identify as sports fans are also holding crypto.

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