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Budweiser Jumps Into Zed Run’s NFT Games With Beer, Gambling, and Crypto

Budweiser and Zed Run have partnered to deploy tokenized Clydesdale draught horses in Zed Run’s virtual NFT-based horse racing and wagering game.

Budweiser’s latest action follows its $120,000 investment in NFT fan art and its August 2021 acquisition of the Beer.eth domain name through the Ethereum Name Service.

Zed Run was launched in early 2019 by Sydney-based Virtually Human Studio, and its racing horse NFTs first sold for $30 to $80 and mint, but have now become highly sought after assets that sell for thousands on secondary markets. In April 2021, one user sold a single race horse for $125,000.

A Budweiser-themed racing track, Budweiser NFT passes, prize pools for Bud-sponsored virtual horse races starting at $45,000, and three tiers of airdropped Clydesdale NFT skins that can be used in Zed Run are all part of the partnership with Zed Run.

The Budweiser Clydesdales are a well-known bunch of horses that have been used in company promotions and advertising, and Budweiser is a significant sponsor of horse racing events throughout the world.

Starting on June 10, a total of 2,500 Budweiser Pass NFTs will be available for purchase (to users aged 21 and over) for a maximum of 24 hours. The NFTs will set you back $225 plus gas.

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