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Coca-Cola Auctions Its First NFT

Coca-Cola is selling four NFTs with the proceeds from this going towards the Special Olympics International. For this, the company collaborated with Tafi which created a pixelated version of the 1956 classic Coke vending machine.

The series also features digital versions of Coca-Cola’s 1940s trading cards plus a “sound visualizer” with sounds that one would associate with Coke, like a bottle opening and a drink being poured over ice.

The auction is set to start tomorrow and run through the 2nd of August. It will take place on OpenSea.

Joshua Schwarber, the senior director of global digital design at Coca-Cola, declared: “It really gave us an opportunity to explore the robust space the digital space gives you. This really cool convergence of form and function and aesthetic. So the ability to do things in motion and have artwork come alive or be able to reimagine our assets in new and unique ways to create these multi-sensorial kinds of opportunities.”

Matt Wilburn, the president of Tafi commented: “We were struck by the fact that the Coca-Cola brand has generated collectability and love over three centuries. It’s 1800s, 1900s, and now we’re looking at how do you create an NFT that reflects that brand love over such a period of time. You’re literally creating an NFT which is totally appropriate that it’s timeless—it does not exist in the real world today, but if you’re looking forward to the next century, what does that look like?”

The Senior Director of global strategy for Coca-Cola‘s Trademark division, Oana Vlad, said that the NFT space is evolving at such a fast pace that the company needs to work on changes “almost on a daily basis—maybe more quickly than it would on another project.”

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