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Coinbase Will Use Polygon’s Ethereum Scaling Solution to Lower Prices and Settlement Times

Crypto exchange Coinbase has revealed that it wants to integrate Polygon’s layer-two scaling solution for Ethereum, which would be a first for the Coinbase protocol team.

This integration is meant to help lower the high prices and long settlement times. Furthermore, the integration with Coinbase will let exchange users withdraw directly onto a supported layer-two scaling solution.

As of now, an official date for this hasn’t been confirmed yet.

The protocol team of Coinbase is made out of several engineers with experience who want to help the scaling of blockchains and community building. The team is paying special attention to integrating various technologies with Coinbase products.

The goal is to help “level the playing field” while making sure that retail users won’t get priced out of being able to take part in the budding ecosystem.

Sandeep Naiwal, the co-founder of Polygon, said: “This will certainly help to improve the Coinbase user experience.”

Source: CoinDesk.com

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