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Dormant Whale Moved $25.7 Million Worth of Bitcoin for the First Time in a Decade

A bitcoin wallet has just been registered as active for the first time in a decade. The wallet contains 791 BTC or $25.7 million at the current price.

The news was first reported by Whale Alert, which also mentioned that 640 of those BTC ($20.8 million) were withdrawn.

The wallet is a “Satoshi-Era” one since it was created in June 2012, over a year after the creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, disappeared.

But this isn’t the first Satoshi-Era Bitcoin wallet to register a move in 2021. In early spring, it was also Whale Alert who reported a wallet that transferred 5000 BTC, marking its first activity since 2014.

Naturally, this means that the early adopters of BTC are cashing in on their early investments.

Back in June 2012, Bitcoin was worth only $5.27, meaning that the 791 Bitcoin cost the whale only $4,168.57. Basically, this person is now enjoying a 616,418% return on investment.

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