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Ethereum Hits New ATH Following the Altair Upgrade

Ethereum’s price reached a new ATH today, hitting $4,400.97. ETH has grown by 46.6% since October began. The previous ATH was reached just 8 days ago when it hit $4.308.48.

ETH has been on a bullish trend since it fell to $1,780 in July, registering an increase of 147%.

Yesterday, the Ethereum 2.0 Altair Beacon Chain update registered a successful start. Currently, there are 98.7% nodes that have been upgraded. The success of this upgrade to the Beacon Chain was perceived as being highly important in order to clear the way for merging with the Ethereum mainnet and the transition to the PoS consensus mechanism in Ethereum 2.0.

The success of Ethereum is also due to the fact that the platform is used more and more in DeFi and NFT sectors. This indicates that Ethereum may continue to be bullish until the end of the year and probably as 2022 begins.

Ethereum has experienced several important upgrades since July, like the London Hard Fork.

Source: CoinTelegraph.com

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