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FTX Customer Is Charged $1 Million for Transferring to Wrong Address

A blog post from Rekt claims that the centralized exchange FTX has charged a client about $1 million as a tax for helping him get back the money he sent to a wrong address.

The post claims that the trader made a wrong deposit of $6.3 million into Paxos Stablecoin when he actually wanted to deposit funds into Unit Protocol. The problem is that both of them have the same ticker – USDP.

The client claims that the company failed to notify the users “of any other important announcements (such as coin name change) except emails of upcoming IEOs.”

He also claims that the mistake doesn’t fall under the “Wrong Address of Chain” policy of FTX which claims that the exchange would charge “$500 or 5%” in order for the company to help the customer get back the deposits made to a wrong address. Instead, FTX has taken about 15% of the funds.

The complaint already received a response from FTX support which reads: “Unfortunately the decision on this matter is final. Please do not deposit assets that are not supported on your FTX addresses.”

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