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Lavinia Osbourne Says That NFTs May Draw More Women Into Crypto

Lavinia Osbourne, the founder, and host of Women in Blockchain Talks declared that NFTs may have a higher chance of drawing in women who want to enter the male-dominated space of crypto and blockchain.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected many people financially in one way or another. But this may have also convinced women to join the crypto and blockchain spaces as they tried to find new careers. The fact that the media has covered NFTs so often in recent months has made them “more relatable” to people in creative fields.

Osbourne declared: “People look at NFTs and it’s like ‘it’s different — I don’t actually get the technology. When they’re hearing all these stories about people making money on NFTs, it’s like ‘how can I get involved?’ I think NFTs are a good pathway to entice people into the space.”

Actress Mila Kunis seems to support this idea, as she has recently released her own NFT project. She declared her interest in crypto grew during the pandemic and mentioned it as being a “very masculine area.”

Osbourne pointed out to the fact that females are still underrepresented in crypto and blockchain companies. Women represent around 34% of the people who work in the tech industry, but just 12% of them are in blockchain. She would like to close that gap with a campaign “to show women that tech, blockchain, science, STEM is a space for them.”

She declared:

“If these women want to have a career that has some longevity to it, then they have to look at these spaces. Traditionally it’s just been overwhelmingly male, and there’s been nothing to counteract that. If we want to bring in more women, then we need to shine a spotlight on women, so that other women can see those other women and feel comfortable to know that this space is for them as well.”

Osbourne revealed that she plans to bring in 50,000 women into blockchain by 2023.

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