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Motley Fool Has Big Bitcoin Plans

The Motley Fool, a famous financial and investment advisory giant, has just announced that it plans to invest $5 million into BTC and that it expects to grow up to $500,000.

The announcement came today via a Twitter and blog post. The company declared that it wouldn’t be “buying overpriced ETFs” but “buying Bitcoin directly.” The Motley Fool is ranked fifth internationally in the investing category. It went on to mention some of the reasons behind the purchase.

According to them, “Bitcoin is a better store of value than gold, it’s an effective hedge against inflation and it has the potential to become a transactional asset.”

The announcement mentions that the company will invest in Bitcoin through its 10X real-money portfolio and that it predicts it will receive a 1,000% return over the following 15 years. The Motley Fool has recommended Bitcoin as a core holding to all of its 10X members and has even given them time to make their own BTC purchase before the company does.

The company also mentioned that in the following weeks it “will also be separately buying $5 million in Bitcoin on our own balance sheet.” As a result of this being a long-term investment, volatility doesn’t concert the firm.

“While Bitcoin may very well continue to be volatile in the short term, we think it has 10x potential from today’s levels over the long term as part of a diversified portfolio. We plan to hold this Bitcoin investment for many years.”

If what the company predicts is to become reality, then Bitcoin will pass $500,000 within the following 15 years.

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