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OpenSea Launched a Mobile App for iOS and Android

OpenSea has released a mobile app for iOS and Android. This will let users connect their OpenSea profile and discover new pieces of work, save them, or apply a filter when they are searching for NFTs and thus search by category, name, collection, or creator.

Users also have the chance to see the stats of NFT collections and obtain links for exclusive releases.

Still, it is not currently known if the app is simply being soft-launched, as OpenSea hasn’t announced its arrival on Twitter or any other channels nor did it offer any statements.

The release comes just a day after Nate Chastain, the head of product at OpenSea, was discovered to have been trading on the website relying on insider knowledge.

In August, OpenSea managed to register over $1 billion in monthly trading volume. As of September, it continues to represent the place for the majority of NFT trading volumes.

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