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Polygon Integrated the Mina Protocol

The highly-popular scaling solution for Ethereum, Polygon has confirmed it integrated the Mina Protocol, a lightweight smart contract platform.

The Mina Protocol was created to be the “world’s smallest blockchain,” and weighs only a few kilobytes while Ethereum stands at 300 gigabytes.

This comes with the advantage that syncing the Mina network is very easy as it doesn’t require a lot of hardware demands but can be run simply from a smartphone.

The partnership between Polygon and Mina means that developers are allowed to create applications on Polygon using Mina’s Snapps. Any developer can now include privacy features into any app built on Polygon.

“Building a bridge between Polygon and Mina is an important step towards achieving our shared vision of a fully decentralized ecosystem of dapps that keeps users in control of their data,” declared the co-founder of Polygon, Sandeep Nailwal.

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