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Puma Registers ENS Domain, Changes Its Twitter Name to Puma.eth

Puma is the newest major brand to buy a decentralized URL and reveal its NFT by changing its Twitter handle to Puma.eth. The company registered the domain name with the Ethereum Name Service (ENS).

Other big names that now have .ETH domains include Budweiser and White Castle.

.ETH names represent NFTs can be “easily plugged-in to the ever-expanding NFT ecosystem,” according to a post from ENS Medium.

This comes with several benefits, like being able to receive any crypto, token, or blockchain-based asset, or pointing to a decentralized website and storing profile information like a Twitter handle, avatar, or email address.

Puma has previously invested in several NFT collections inspired by, of course, cats, such as CatBox, Lazy Lions, and Cool Cats NFT.

In the list of the most followed Twitter account with .ETH names, Puma ranks 13th, with Paris Hilton being placed first and Shaquille O’Neal in second place.

The ENS recorded, so far, over 724,096 names with most of them being created since December.

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