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SNL Skit Uses Kate McKinnon’s ‘Janet Yellen’ and Pete Davidson’s ‘Eminem’ to Explain NFTs

NFTs are currently the most talked-about element of the crypto-verse. As a result of their popularity, NFTs got their very own Saturday Night Live sketch, which features Kate McKinnon as the US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and Pete Davidson as Eminem aka Slim Shady.

The sketch clearly indicates that NFTs have managed to get into the mainstream public’s imagination, but we already knew that, after NFL’s Patrick Mahomes, Rob Gronkowski, and several other big names have created their very own tokens and sold them – sometimes, for quite big numbers.

Others are worrying that this may actually be indicative of a market top, suggesting that the end for NFTs is clearly near.

Whatever the answer is, remains to be seen, one thing is clear – NFTs have gone mainstream.

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