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South China Morning Post Launches White Paper for NFT Standard Built on Flow Blockchain

The South China Morning Post (SCMP) has launched a white paper that presents its new NFT metadata standard known as Artifact. This is to be used for minting historical NFTs, which also includes SCMP’s very own first NFT collection.

The SCMP revealed that Artifact’s metadata structure is to be built on the Flow blockchain originated by Dapper Labs, which also created the NBA Top Shot video NFTs.

The Artifact white paper presents a proposed governance structure but also the creation of a dedicated marketplace for the sale of historical NFTs.

The SCMP, which was acquired by Chinese tech giant Alibaba five years ago, first confirmed the plans for creating Artifact this summer, in July.

SCMP’s CEO, Gary Liu, declared:

“Through our Artifact white paper, we look forward to inspiring other ‘guardians of history’ to share our vision of making history more discoverable, connected, and collectible.”

Mickey Maher, SVP, Partnerships, Dapper Labs, commented:

“We’re proud for SCMP to launch this visionary project that reanimates meaningful historical moments and we’re excited they have chosen Flow to be the foundation of Artifact’s launch protocol.”
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