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South China Morning Post Will Mint Historical Records as NFTs

The South China Morning Post has just confirmed an NFT standard for recording historical records on the blockchain.

The paper, which was acquired by Alibaba in 2016, created “ARTIFACT,” a standardized model that preserves important historical moments on the blockchain as NFTs.

The newspaper will begin with a collection of NFTs minted from historical moments taken from its archives that date back to 118 years ago.

The experience will involve “a few selected blockchains” that the newspaper hasn’t confirmed yet. Nevertheless, the overall plan is for ARTIFACT to be chain-agnostic.

NFTs that present historical events have been used before but mostly as collectibles, and they usually focus on the world of entertainment, like music or sports.

Minting records of historical interest may open the door for new uses of blockchain technology.

According to the announcement: “The Post believes that factual accounts of history and authentic historical assets should be immutable and that ownership of these digitized and tokenized assets, which are part of our collective human experience, should be decentralized.”

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