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Sweet’s Consumer-First NFT Platform Adds Polygon / Matic Into Its Broad-Scale

Sweet has confirmed that it has finished integrating the Polygon blockchain (previously known as Matic Network) into its NFT solution. Sweet is notable for being the first NFT solutions provider that created a platform that can mint and distribute NFTs at scale while also being eco-friendly and focusing on the consumer.

Sweet is leading the way of a new method for brands to distribute NFTs by engaging consumer experiences through a multi-chain approach. Since it has integrated Polygon, Sweet is going to have lower gas fees and faster transaction processes, which will prove helpful in this line of business.

The founder and CEO of Sweet declared: “Sweet’s blockchain agnostic approach provides optionality to our brand partners and gives us the ability to match the right blockchain NFT solution to a brand’s specific consumer application. The addition of Polygon further enhances our position as a market leader in NFT solutions and further provides flexibility to meet our client’s needs in a secure, cost-effective and scalable manner.”

The CTO of Sweet, Ken Ellis, also said that: “We’ve evaluated a lot of blockchains, and Polygon is a good fit with their speed, cost, and ability to handle large volumes of tokens. Their adoption by organizations like OpenSea also factored into our decision, since interoperability with other wallets and platforms is an important factor for consumers.”

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