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The Biggest Ethereum Mining Pool Won’t Support Ethereum’s PoW

On the one hand, Ethereum is getting ready for the eagerly anticipated Merge that is slated for next month on September 15. However, the opponents, in particular the ETH mining community, want to hardfork the Ethereum blockchain and keep the Ethereum Proof-of-Work (ETHW) network going.

The biggest ETH mining pool in the world, Ethermine, has chosen not to provide a specific mining pool for the proposed PoW network. As a result, miners won’t be able to connect their equipment to the Ethermine Ethereum pool anymore as Ethereum will shut down all Ethereum startum servers. Ethermine’s official statement reads as follows:

“The Ethermine Ethereum mining pool will switch to withdraw-only mode once the Proof-of-Work mining phase has ended. An accurate countdown timer will be available on the miner dashboard. You can continue to mine Ether until the countdown has reached zero.”

Users must initiate the final payout of the unpaid sum through their own dashboard page in order to receive it. If the outstanding sum exceeds 0.005 ETH, miners may request manual payouts.

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