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The Crypto Industry Is Expanding Beyond BTC and ETH

The crypto industry is growing, which means that it is not all about Bitcoin and Ethereum nowadays as we witness new spinoffs for other sectors of the economy taking shape or gaining popularity.

Most industry experts believe that we will continue to experience the mainstream embracing crypto next year as competition is growing among various blockchains and sectors.

The director of financial technology research at investment bank JMP Securities, Devin Ryan, declared that we now have proof that crypto isn’t going anywhere. He also said we can notice how the market and the current economic regimen are making the needed changes in order to accommodate it, even if those changes come slow.

The event that can be seen as marking crypto officially entering the mainstream was El Salvador making Bitcoin legal tender. Furthermore, big names, such as Visa, Amazon, Fidelity, and Walmart, are also employing experts for crypto-related roles. Today, the crypto market has a value of $2.39 trillion, with ETH and BTC representing just half of that figure. This is because new cryptocurrencies and crypto-related assets, like stablecoins, NFTs, and ETFs have entered the lexicon.

2022 will also experience plenty of crypto businesses going public, which would lead to a new influx of finance.

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