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The Price of Bitcoin Approaches $64K as ETFs Are Ready to Launch

As the first US Bitcoin Futures ETF is getting ready to be launched this Monday, the price of Bitcoin went above the $62,000 level.

The confirmation on Friday that the US SEC will approve Bitcoin ETFs led to an increase in the price of Bitcoin. Bitcoin futures let investors bet on the price of Bitcoin without actually purchasing the crypto – it is believed they will be less volatile than Bitcoin.

ProShares announced it would launch its Bitcoin ETF on October 18th, but it is not known if it will also be ready to trade.

Back in April, Bitcoin reached its ATH, and now, it is getting closer to that number again. Friday was the day in which it went past the $60,000 level for the first time in over half a year. Currently, it is just 3% away from reaching the same ATH.

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