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The Price of Ethereum Jumps Around 40% in 30 Days

Ethereum has experienced important gains for a couple of weeks now – just during the previous 24 hours, the value of ETH increased by more than 5%. During the previous week, ETH grew by 11.8%. This means that it now has a market cap of $417 billion (18.9%) of the $2.21 trillion crypto economy.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin’s market cap dominance has fallen to just 40%.

Out of the $158.5 billion in global trade volume across all the coins in existence, the Ether trade volume over the previous 24 hours registered $34.4 billion. The top trading pair for yesterday was Tether which represented 52.5% of all ETH trades.

The top five is rounded up by USD (14.84%), BTC (12.48%), BUSD (6.59%), and EUR (2.90%).

As of now, Ether has a circulating supply of 117,343,977.

Around 62% of ETH holders have owned the cryptocurrency for over a year while 31% have hold it for less than that.

As of yesterday, over $500 million in ETH has been burned through EIP-1559, which means about 156,960 ETH burned.

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