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The US Postal Inspection Service Wants to Improve Its Crypto-Related Activities

The US Postal Inspection Service (USPIS) confirmes via an internal audit report that it wants to rethink the way it deals with crypto-related investigations.

The agency revealed in the audit that its management of seized crypto assets and crypto-related investigative procedures could be improved.

Mary Lloyd was in charge of the audit. She is the cybersecurity and technology expert for the agency.

The report discovered a “lack of standardized [cryptocurrency] training” for postal inspectors, as well as faulty communication between inspectors and the Cryptocurrency Fund Program.

Furthermore, accounting software used by USPIS in order to oversee transfers of crypto during investigations was found to have “data integrity issues,” such as duplicate transactions. This, naturally, led to records that were inaccurate.

The report declared that the UPSIS ought to create a “comprehensive cryptocurrency training program” for its inspectors, “develop written procedures for the management and oversight of the national wallet,” deal with the accounting system issues, and have better communication between inspectors and the Cryptocurrency Fund Program.

Source: CoinDesk.com

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