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Third-Largest Whale Celebrates Bitcoin’s Birthday by Purchasing 456 Bitcoin

On the 13th birthday of Bitcoin, the third-largest Bitcoin whale made the first big purchase of this year as it bought 456 Bitcoin at the average price of $46,363 (worth $12 million).

Currently, the whale holds 120,845.57 BTC (worth more than $5.6 billion). We still do not know who the owner of this sum is but they are sure taking advantage of the volatility in price as Bitcoin fell by 8.9% over the previous week.

At the same time, the bearish factors that weigh on the crypto market since the end of the previous year haven’t gone anywhere as Bitcoin fell below $47,000 on Saturday.

Still, some speculate a breakthrough is on its way.

14-month BTC/USDT price chart. Source: Twitter
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