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Time Magazine Working With NFT Project Cool Cats to Release Limited Edition NFTs

TIME magazine and Cool Cats, one of the most popular NFT crypto collectible projects of the moment, will collaborate on releasing a set of exclusive NFTs. Memes are also involved.

This collaboration will bring a series of NFT collectibles with 400 total images across four different designs. All of them present a cute cat illustration, like the ones in the Cool Cats line, with the difference that they are shown reading TIME magazine.

Keith Grossman, the president of TIME, was the one who had the idea. He declared on Twitter that the project came to be because its “community exudes positivity and optimism” and that Cool Cats are “family-friends and connect cross-generationally.” He also added “WLTC!” to the tweet, which stands for “We like the cats!”

But these collectibles won’t be sold or auctioned off directly to collectors. Instead, they are offered as a prize for those who will make the best memes related to the project. The creators of the eight winning memes will each get one of the NFT images as a prize.

The rest of the NFTs will be raffled off to those who already own Cool Cats and have partaken in the meme competition.

At the moment, secondary market listings of Cool Cats NFTs on OpeanSea begin at 1.5 ETH, meaning $4,930.

Source: Decrypt.co

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