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Top 5 Terra 2.0 Projects to Launch (LUNA)

Following the Terra Team’s deployment of Terra’s new blockchain, many decentralized apps from the traditional chain would need to relaunch on the new one.

Centralized exchanges and service providers have already shown their support for the launch. Among them are Huobi, Binance, KuCoin, Bitrue, FTX, Bitfinex, GateIO, ByBit, Nexo, and others. The new Terra 2.0 platform has already seen a slew of decentralized apps. We’ll show you the Top 5 Terra 2.0 (LUNA) Projects that have been launched.

DAO Apollo

ApolloDAO advertises itself as a yield aggregator and more on Terra. Apollo Safe is a front end for the CW3 multi-sig Contract that allows you to quickly create a new multi-sig wallet on Terra while also connecting to any existing CW3 multi-sig.

Apollo Safe has been deployed on Terra2, enabling an easy-to-use multisig Wallet for dApps and DAOs wanting to relaunch on Terra2. Apollo Safe is thought to be one of the first dApps to be redeployed to Terra2 and is still running on Terra Classic.


Terraswap is an open-source software and fully decentralized protocol that allows users and DeFi applications on Terra to receive automated liquidity. Developers, liquidity providers, and traders will be able to engage in Terraswap’s open and accessible financial marketplace.

By connecting with the Terra Station browser extension, users may swap and exchange native Terra and CW20 tokens directly from their wallets.

DEX Phoenix

The Phoenix DEX is now available on the mainnet of @terra money 2.0. Phoenix Finance intends to be the dominant decentralized exchange in Terra 2.0.

Phoenix claims to provide Terra’s community with the best on-chain trading experience thanks to its automated market maker and liquidity pool design. It offers excellent capital efficiency, optimal LP returns, deep liquidity, low slippage, a wide asset portfolio, and low slippage.

Stader LAB

LunaX by Stader is now available on Terra 2.0.

Terra 2.0 users can now turn Luna into LunaX with a single click and receive auto-compounded staking benefits. LunaX provides quick liquidity on DEXs and will eventually enable DeFi across the Terra 2.0 ecosystem.

Stader is investigating potential DeFi applications on the Terra 2.0 environment using Protocols. They’ll also work with Phoenix Finance and Astroport to offer dual incentives to LP suppliers.


Astroport is now live on Terra 2.0.

On both desktop and mobile devices, Astroport offers a swapping and liquidity option. At the time of debut, three pools are available:

LUNA-LUNAX: A stable swap pool for Terra (LUNA) and Stader LunaX with an amplification setting of 10. (LUNAX)

Terra (LUNA) and Axelar USDC have a constant product pool called LUNA-axlUSDC (axlUSDC)

axlUSDC-axlUSDT: A stable swap pool for Axelar USDC (axlUSDC) and Axelar USDT with an amplification setting of 25. (axlUSDT)

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