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Uniswap.com Is Being Redirected to Sushiswap’s DEX Site

The Uniswap.com domain is being redirected to the Sushiswap decentralized exchange – but who exactly is doing that is unknown.

Uniswap.com was an online marketplace for goods exchanges until 2017. After that, the website simply had a message that read that the domain was offline, and its services were unavailable. Things remained the same until this month.

It is possible that someone has bought the domain and redirected the website to the trading page of Sushiswap – back then, a rival of Uniswap.

Despite having the same name, Uniswap.com isn’t actually affiliated with the real trading page of Uniswap. Uniswap Lab’s trademark guidelines confirm that UNISWAP®, UNI™, and UNISWAP LABS™ are trademarked by the firm behind the Uniswap exchange.

While it isn’t known who has made this change, an anonymous Sushiswap contributor, 0xMaki, tweeted today that it wasn’t the Sushiswap team.

Suspiciously enough, this isn’t even the first time that a website whose name bears the one of a Sushiswap rival is being redirected to the Sushiswap DEX site. Starting with March 2021, Pancake.com has also been redirected to Sushiswap.

Source: TheBlockCrypto.com

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