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Enjin Partners With GameTalkTalk to Launch Sustainable NFTs

NFT ecosystem developer Enjin has entered a partnership with gaming social media company Ludena Protocol in order to release sustainable NFTs on the latter’s gaming platform GameTalkTalk. 

This new alliance could give a boost to NFTs in South Korea, given that the country is home to both NFT fans and enthusiastic gamers. 

With three million users, GameTalkTalk is the largest social gaming platform in the country, and this new partnership will enable its users to mint NFTs using JumpNet, which is Enjin’s environmentally-friendly scaling solution that will be available along with Efinity.

The 200,000 monthly active users of the social gaming app will thus have the possibility to mint real estate and fashion NFTs to customize their avatars and homes. South Korea is the fourth-largest gaming market in the world, with an overall gaming market value of $5.9 billion. 

Regarding the collaboration with GameTalkTalk, the vice president of developer success at Enjin, Simon Kertonegoro said that “it’s an honor to work with them to create NFTs that are sustainable for their business and the environment as well.”

Enjin and Sustainable NFTs 

NFTs have increased significantly in popularity lately, which adds to the need for a sustainable approach when it comes to non-fungible tokens. Most of such tokens are part of the Ethereum blockchain, which is said to consume 27 trillion watts of energy per year as a result of its Proof-of-Work design.

This is where Enjin’s JumpNet comes in to make the whole NFT craze more sustainable since it only consumes 30 million watts per year. Enjin has recently released a five-step plan to enable carbon-neutral NFTs by 2030, and the lower energy consumption is part of it. 

JumpNet is a Proof-of-Authority blockchain that runs on four nodes that consume 30,000,000 watts per year and is set to launch on April 6th. This will enable “Enjin Ecosystem creators to mint NFTs on a network that consumes ~0.000002 of the electricity of the Ethereum blockchain,” as stated on Enjin’s official website.

Efinity, which is a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchain, will launch later this year and will be governed by approximately 1,000 nodes and validators. Simply put, this means lower energy consumption. What’s more, according to the company’s website, the carbon footprint of Efinity “will not increase even as it becomes more popular and the network’s value rises.”

The company’s plans also include a greater focus on encouraging carbon-neutral energy production for nodes, tokenizing the physical economy, incentivizing carbon reduction, and decarbonizing existing tokens. 

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