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The Goerli Testnet Merging Date Has Been Announced by Ethereum Developers

Before a mainnet merger anticipated for this fall, the Ethereum test network Goerli will undergo a beacon chain merging early in the following month. This will add support for proof-of-stake.

The information was provided in a blog post which states that:

“For the last testnet proof-of-stake transition, Goerli will merge with Prater. The combined Goerli/Prater network will retain the Goerli name post-merge. Bellatrix, the Prater upgrade readying it for The Merge will happen at epoch 112260, expected at 12:24PM UTC on August 4, 2022. After Bellatrix is activated, the Goerli/Prater merge will happen when Goerli hits a total difficulty of 10790000, expected between August 6-12, 2022.”

It was further mentioned that “post-merge, Goerli’s validator set will remain open for individual stakers to run testnets validators. Stakers who wish to start a Goerli/Prater validator can do so at the Prater Launchpad.”

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