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Adidas Originals and Prada Confirm User-Generated NFT Project

Adidas Originals and Prada are working together on an NFT project that will include user-generated content and creator-owned art.

The project will include people from various backgrounds, such as design, fashion, and, naturally, crypto, in order to create a large-scale digital artwork. The Re-Nylon collection, which is a physical one, serves as inspiration.

People will be invited to send anonymous photographs on the Polygon network to the NFT project.

Zach Lieberman, a digital artist, will be in charge of combining 3,000 community-sourced minted NFT artworks and creating one mass-patchwork NFT design. Contributors will continue to have full rights over their individual NFT tiles. Taking part in the project is completely free and it actually offers people a chance to make money off of it as contributors in the final project can then sell it on secondary markets.

“Owners of each individual NFT will receive a percentage of the auction sale of adidas for Prada re-source by Zach Lieberman each time it is sold, in perpetuity. This new structure of shared ownership, made possible by Web3 technology, represents a cultural shift towards creator rights which is core to the crypto arts movement.”

The final form of the NFT will be auctioned on SuperRare and most of the proceeds will be directed towards Slow Factory, a non-profit organization.

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