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Bidding for a Collection of NFT Art at Christie’s Reached $1M Within 10 Minutes

A collection of crypto artwork currently being auctioned at Christie’s hit $1 million within 10 minutes of going on sale. The NFT artwork is signed by digital artist Beeple and is being sold in the auction house’s first-ever sale of purely digital artwork.

The current bidding price is $1.1 million, but since the auction closes in two weeks, it is likely to go even higher. 

The NFT artwork collection is called “EVERYDAYS: THE FIRST 5000 DAYS,” and it has an “accumulative” character since it gathers several art pieces and traces Beeple’s creative journey. 

Beeple is today’s top-earning digital artist, having reached $20.2 million in sales across hundreds of digital artworks. Earlier this week, one of the artist’s pieces of crypto artworks was resold for $6.6 million.

What also sets this auction apart is that Christie’s is also accepting bids in digital assets, namely Ethereum. Still, the fees will be paid in fiat money. 

Even if this is the auction house’s first sale of purely digital artwork, it is not the first non-fungible token to be auctioned at Christie’s. In October 2020, a “portrait” of Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto was auctioned. The piece included a physical artwork accompanied by an NFT and was sold for over $130,000. 

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