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Someone Paid $450K to Be Snoop Dogg’s Neighbor in The Sandbox

Snoop Dogg is busy recreating his California mansion in the game The Sandbox. A plot next to the virtual property was sold for 71,000 SAND ($450,000).

Virtual land in the game is sold as NFTs which can be acquired or sold like any NFT on platforms such as OpenSea.

As a response to the news that a plot next to his house was sold for $450,000, Snoop tweeted: “Won’t you be my neighbor.”

A board member for The Sandbox, Mathieu Nouzareth, revealed that the firm contacted Snoop regarding a partnership and “he was immediately very interested in The Sandbox.”

He further stated:

“We’re going to do multiple things with him. The next campaign is going to be around selling LAND with Snoop Dogg, and then we have this big concert. We sold 1000 tickets, and it’s coming early next year.”

The Snoopverse LAND NFT sale mentions three “estates,” including the plot that was just sold. The other two estates are worth 55,000 SAND ($338,000) and 67,000 SAND ($410,000).

122 standard LAND NFTs also went on sale for 1,011 SAND in the area where Snoop’s virtual residence is found. There are also bonus NFTs that come with privacy party passes so you can join one of Snoop’s private parties in the metaverse.

The person who bought the first estate is known as P-Ape. It is known that the person also holds Bored Ape #6445 and Mutant Ape #11089.

More than $100 million were invested in virtual real estate across the past week with $86.56 million going to The Sandbox.

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