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Number of Investors Owning Bitcoin Has Tripled Since 2018

A study by Gallup shows that Bitcoin has been increasingly more popular with younger US investors when it comes to awareness, interest, and ownership, over the previous three years.

According to the study, the number of people holding Bitcoin in the US has increased from 2% in 2018 to 6% this year.

The study defines an “investor” as an adult with at least $10,000 invested in stocks, bonds, or mutual funds.

It also discovered that Bitcoin ownership among investors under the age of 50 has increased from 3% in 2018 to 13% today. People over the age of 50 made up only 1% of Bitcoin owners in 2018, but that percentage has grown to 3%.

The survey also showed that 84% of those who took part in the poll invested in stock index funds or mutual funds, 67% had individual stocks, while 50% own bonds.

“At 6%, Bitcoin ownership is more akin to gold, which 11% of investors say they own.”

Furthermore, the percentage of investors who perceive Bitcoin as being “very risky” fell to 60% from 75%, 35% think it is “somewhat risky,” while 5% believe that it has no risks at all.

The survey took place between June 22nd and 29th, this year. 1,037 people in the US, with a minimum age of 18, took part in the survey.

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