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South Korean PC Gaming Rooms Use Crypto Mining for Profit During the Pandemic

Operators of the PC gaming rooms in South Korea, or “PC bang” as they are known over there, have started using their computers in a different way in order to subvert the restrictions of the pandemic.

Because of the uncertainty regarding the possibility of opening their businesses, crypto mining has become a viable alternative to make money. Some PC bang owners in the capital city are now mining Ether by using their highly-equipped computers that have top-notch graphic cards.

A 34-years-old owner, under the name of Kim, declared that the number of customers had seriously fallen as a result of the pandemic, which meant he couldn’t sustain his PC bang, given the situation. He solved the problem by mining ETH using 36 computers.

Kim claimed that in only two weeks, he has managed to earn more than 3.5 million won ($3,153), especially since now it’s the cold season, the perfect moment to mine crypto.

Furthermore, in South Korea, a PC gaming room’s electricity use isn’t charged for home use but with regular prices. Nevertheless, this mining fever may not last very long since the prices of graphic cards keep increasing.

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