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MoonPay Just Acquired a $3 Million Punk

One of the most famous crypto payment companies, MoonPay, has confirmed it acquired a rare CryptPunk, #2681, for 900 ETH (about $3 million).

This CryptoPunk is a zombie wearing a purple cap with blue “clown eyes,” all of them being defined as rare traits.

The company bought the NFT via an account linked to its “concierge” service. Using this setup, the firm was the middle man for celebrities interested in crypto like Snoop Dogg, Lil Baby, Diplo, Jimmy Fallon, and Martin Garrix.

MoonPay usually deals with the Bored Ape Yacht Club collection. It basically buys an Ape which it then sends to addresses that belong to celebrities followed by an invoice for the trouble. This concierge service has even helped Post Malone invest in crypto.

It seems that MoonPay is approaching the punk sector now as data from OpenSea indicates the startup also bought CryptoPunk #4222 about one month ago.

The CryptoPunks collection is probably the most popular NFT one on the market – according to information from CryptoSlam, it generated over $1.9 billion in sales to date.

This acquisition by MoonPay represents the 12th largest one in the history of the collection.

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